Polish Gambling Market

It’s been a year as the very first regulation of the Gambling Act came in to force. The regulations were assumed to alter the surface of the gaming market – did they? The change to the Gambling Act’s history is lengthy, complex, rich in doubts and brawls. In the long run, but the principles succeeded in voting. The Gambling Act’s provisions were contentious, some gamblers can not still accept a number of them, but the conflict dust has subsided and we could have a look at the market peacefully.

If you do not understand the situation or would like to have a close look at the conditions of the Gambling Act 2017, we’ve got a comprehensive evaluation of the regulations which apply to both entrepreneurs and players. This time we would like to appear at casinos from Poland and the situation of bookmakers. How did the lawful revolution cope together? Has anybody profited from it?

The grey market decreases

The amendment to the Gambling Act’s goal was to remove the grey market of mutual gambling and 온카지 gaming activities. Until the law came into force bookmakers who made their services available under European Union legislation and didn’t pay taxes in Poland brought players – perhaps not burdened with large taxation. The State Treasury dropped even tens of thousands of millions of zlotys per year in this manner.

Polish Gambling Market

According to the Association to the Liquidation of the Grey Zone of Mutual Enterprises in Poland”Play Legally”, because the Gambling Act came in force, the gray zone of this bookmaker has considerably shrunk. According to the record”Counteracting that the Grey Zone in Poland”, in the initial weeks of 2017 following the entry in force of this Bookmaker’s Act, in contrast with the exact same period in 2015, the gray zone of bookmaker’s gambling dropped from roughly 84 percent of their market share to approximately 62 percent. Moreover from the first 3 quarters of 2017, the State earnings from earnings paid lawfully operating bookmakers climbed when compared with the exact identical period in the past calendar year. Put simply from January the State Treasury made PLN 130 million.