Only a Bunch Of Us Agreeing a three Fundamental Cockfighting Rules

All need to clean up the cottage hill area bc you all are making it not a great neighborhood… Pens should be bigger than those supplied for standard bantam show cages; 50 cm by 50 cm floor area should be suitable. Plenty of dry wood shavings is best for floor covering and topped up regularly. Cages raised above the floor level at least a meter is appreciated by the birds and prepare the bird for the show environment. By training a bird, one is introducing the bird slowly and at a reduced level to what it is expected to tolerate in one day at a show. The idea of pen training is to train the birds to show themselves to their maximum potential. The point of pen training is to encourage a bird to be confident and full of their self-importance to display themselves to their maximum potential to the judge and the public. read more

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