Game Slot Online -Get Started To Have Some Real Fun

If you are new to online or land-based slot machines, the best way to learn is to play. If you want to learn in the land-based casino, you will have to do it in a hard way, spending real money. The online casino offers a different saga. A good online casino provides guest play type, where you can try your hand without betting with real money. You can learn about the rules of the game from their guide and f&q sections. Some online casinos offer a free download version of video slot machines. The interactive guide in the game console, while directing the rest of the process. You need to have the latest version of Flash installed in your computer as the video slot uses this technology. You need to follow the simple steps, and you are ready to play a slot on your computer.

The Game

Once you have installed the software on your computer you will observe the five-reel slots, underneath it there are various buttons. Once you press those buttons, you get all the information regarding those.”+” and “-“denotes the control of coin size. You can use it to move or down from one cent to one dollar. You may notice that there are few options in between. But this, not your whole bet. By clicking on select lines, you can decide on how many numbers out of nine lines you want to wager. You can opt for the maximum lines, but you have to place a bet for each active line. Then you decide the amount of bet per line. If you want high packed action, then click on the Bet Max. It initiates all nine lines simultaneously and bets maximum of five coins per line. The total sum comes to 45 coins. The coin size that you have chosen will decide the total cost of the spin.

If you do not opt for the bet max, then click on the spin to start the reels spinning. If you want the betting amount to be unchanged, then simply press it again, you do not need to change the lines and coins for every spin. After you have hit three or more ram signs on the reel started, the free spin button becomes detectable. Once the bonus button becomes visible, this implies they are activated; you click on the button to enjoy the free spins. At the end of every spin, the gamble button appears underneath the reels. If you are feeling lucky, then press it double or quadruple your current winning sum.


Betting on max is the easiest option available on video slots, but you may want to experience different bet sizes. You may opt for play 5 cents, one coin per line, nine lines, or play 5 cents, three coins per line, nine lines. The more you practice on this free download version of video slots, better and solid grasp you have how to play real slot machines. Other variants may be somewhat different, but the general principle remains similar.