How do casino apps work and where do they find them?

To have the games on your mobile device, there is basically three different ways and most of which depend on the operating system of your mobile. The more the particular system is open, the more chances the casinos have to offer their available application. Currently there are many applications for online gambling with real money that do not belong to any casino operator but are only special independent programs. But it is not the same to have application for online casino and application of programs with games of chance with real money.

How do casino apps work and where do they find them?

Download from the App Store (iOS, Android)

In this case you can find the mobile Microgaming casinos application in the Apple App Store online store, in Google Play or in the iTunes App Store. You can also find application in the App Store for Windows or Blackberry mobile phones but they are too insignificant for online casinos to develop special applications. Once you have found the application in the App Store you just need to start it up. For iPhone or iPad applications this is the only way to install an application in the native language.

Download from the casino website (Android mobile)

But you also have the option to download the application directly from the casino website and install it. But this is possible only on Android systems. To do this with just one click you have to enable the option “Allow installation of programs of unknown origin”. However this option is valid only for Android devices.

Link to mobile casino version in browser (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry)

But there is also a very different third option that is the casinos that offer a mobile casino version. This is not really any real application in the traditional sense of the word but a special website that has been adapted for mobile devices. This link to the mobile version can be sent either by SMS or the corresponding page can be opened automatically when accessing the casino from your mobile. This has the advantage of not looking for special applications for Blackberry or Windows Phone devices which in turn represent a very small part of the mobile market and often there are no applications developed especially for them.

Conclusion: The differences between casino apps and game apps

In the applications of online casinos much has been invested in software development because they offer a high level of protection and security through special encryption since they are real money games where personal and banking data are processed. On the other hand there is a wide variety of simple casino applications with real money games that do not belong to any particular casino operator. The differences are very large and especially between the fun mode and the real mode offered by online casinos.